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Beauty Supplies Skin Care
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Product information

  • Brand Name:Maximum Beauty
  • Certification:MSDS
  • Color:Black
  • Condition:New
  • Function:3 x Eye masks for puffy eyes
  • Model Number:684
  • Volume:3x One use Eye Masks in one exclusive box


EyFix, Black Magic™ by MaximumBeauty™


First Aid for Tired Eyes, Specially Formulated Eye Masks. A special treat for tired eyes, 15 minutes of heaven while EyFix,Black Magic™ rejuvenates the delicate skin beneath the eyes.

Each EyFix, Black Magic™ rejuvenation pad contains rich essences gathered from natural ingredients. Delicately moisturizes, fi­rms and refreshes the skin around the eyes, dramatically reducing bags, dark circles and ­fine lines.

EyFix, Black Magic™ contains ingredients which gently and gradually lighten skin colour around the eyes.


Product code: 684

3x One use Eye Masks in one exclusive box




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