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GLULAM TIMBER PREFAB HOME KITS (sets of lumber construction)

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$ 460.00
$ 377.20
377.20 USD
/ Cubic Meter
*Real price for payment is $ 377.20
Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia
$ 377.20
450 Kg
  • Departure point:Russia, Moscow
Note: Please observe that this is just an approximate shipping cost based on origin and destination address, the final cost for the shipping will be emailed to you after confirmed shipper
Construction Materials and Engineering Prefabricated Building Materials
No b2b info.

Product information

  • Applications:civil housing
  • Brand Name:glulam timber prefab homes from RUSSIA
  • Certification:iso 9001 & forestry fsc
  • Condition:New
  • Function:prefab home
  • Material:glulam wood
  • Place of Origin:russia
  • Shape:profiled cut square
  • Standard:EU/EN ISO 9001/14081 etc
  • Structure:glulam wood
  • Technique:machine-cut processed lumber
  • Type:glulam


***Basic Conditions of Production & Trade of GLULAM TIMBER HOMES & TIMBER BATH-HOUSES (PREFABRICATED HOUSING KITS) by Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, Mr.Svyat Sytin

***retail price of $460 per CUB.MTR of height 140-160-180-240mm by width 80-120-160-200-240mm in pine/spruce lumber available of wall prefab set

***MiNIMUM shipment volume in single 40ft FCL/full container load per 42 CUB.MTR of order or more when in case of retail/bulk trade

Commercial Formula of a complete product unit value determination (of a complete prefab house kit –with strengthened structures of roof & floor & with joinery woodworks//of a zero prefab house kit –without strengthened structures & without joinery woodworks) = net price for a section size of the glulam (glue-laminated) profiled timber of wall prefab house set of height 140-160-180-240mm by width 80-120-160-200-240mm + adding price for strengthened set of roof & floor structures, also cost of joinery woodworks) !!

Design-project executive models (current factory/warehouse samples) by height of 140/160/180/240 mm to width of 80/120/160/200/240 mm of wall set’s PROFILED GLULAM TIMBER thickness specification::

Typical machine-cut profiled glulam timber homes (prefab housing kits of wall constructions & strengthened structures of roof/floor/joinery units) in vast variety by seasonal distributive catalog of year 2018 @trading retail capacity of the company Pallada Eco Blockhaus GmbH, Moscow Russia, which we are always ready to perform to Buyer !!

Original Structural SoftWood Lumber of Russia @ Precise Engineered Woodworks by technically specified industrial efforts of Russian National Lumber Company’s executive domestic production & international supply shipment maintenance of retail competitive trading in Pre-fabricated Wooden Housing Sets made from Glue-laminated Constructional Profiled Timber or Cylinder-processed Log assemblage units (as concerning any adopted engineered design-project of wooden structures’ production for house kit assemblage @ order’s destination) !!

**Dear client & customer of wooden prefabricated housing structures, please notice our present business proposal of offering to you directly the original certified Russian Manufacturing capacity of all types Cylinder Log @200 USD/ & Glue-laminated Timber @460 USD/ (or even dry massive timber @ cheaper cost of 250 USD/ of Walls Set Completion in a Wooden Houses’ Prefab Kits Design-Project (shipment sets of construction materials) as a complete industrial production made from best technical northern softwood species of Russia (pine, spruce, larch, cedar) affordable instantly @ lower retail prices worldwide. Ready-made design project models of different architect types’ wooden houses are to be shipped at your order destination in duly-packed transportation sets of housing structural materials (as by standard sea-cargo 40ft container load) per a regular commercial contract on the prepayment/advance settlement basis by Buyer as directly been sent & received from Russia only.

**Please contact us anytime by e-mailing request to (ACCOUNT REF) or calling directly Moscow, Russia (English only) to determine all your retail consumer’s needs & to see through our varied design project catalogs of the wooden house models..


ENJOY LONG LIVING with HOUSES OF WOOD from RUSSIA in timber & log building !!

***Profiled Glulam Timber Single-Wall structures’ house (**as full shipment set of wall structural units including roof & floor & joinery woodworks’ elements if necessary by a customized order details)//***Framework planed Glulam Beam board’s house (**

***Glulam profiled timber (beam) house kit $460/€390 per vol. of structural unit/wall set (=Finland-style profiled glulam Timber structural units’ sets)//(=Strengthened planed glulam Beam $500/€430 per vol. of structural unit’s set)

***No included VAT/value added taxation @clear international price distribution per direct Buyer’s contract for only confirmed & registered organizations/corporations/enterprises (non-individuals)

***Factory/warehouse FCA/free-carrier shipment by standard 20/40/45 feet FCL/full container load for sea-cargo or euro-truck CARNET TIR/transport international roads +CMR waybill/convention of merchandises per route for a basic commercial compound composition set of the wooden housing structures (delivered by sea cargo or land vehicle worldwide)


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