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Pharmacy Medical Herbs
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Product information

  • Appearance:Herbal
  • Brand Name:Dhouti Yog Tablets
  • Color:Dark Greenish Gray
  • Place of Origin:Pune, Maharashtra, India


A Holistic Solution in the form of Ayurvedic Tablets for Stomach Problems like Constipation, Acidity etc.

In the growing world of lifestyle diseases that affect the wellbeing of our mind and body, there is a persistent need for a solution that not only cures our health problems, but also gives us a way to maintain a progressive livelihood. Of course, there are many solutions and methods to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of which involve some sort of regular fitness routine for the body and daily mental exercise sessions for the mind. Although effective, these practices require a significant amount of dedication and perseverance to have a successful impact on our lives. They also seem to offer treatment in a very atomistic way.

Instructions and Composition

Dhouti-Yog Tablets are the way to go if you face constant problems that arise form an improper diet habits or simply want to experience balanced body routines. For best results, the tablets are to be taken right after you have dinner, swallowed with half a glass of warm water. You can take 1 or 2 at a time, or as directed by your personal physician.Dhouti-Yog Tablets are as effective as Dhouti-Yog Churna in the treatment of Constipation, Gases, Indigestion, Acidity, Irregular Bowels, Piles and Dyspepsia.As Dhouti-Yog is based on Ayurveda, there are no side effects associated with the usage of Dhouti-Yog Tablets. The ingredients used in the making of Dhouti-Yog products are carefully selected and derived from all-natural Herbal and Ayurvedic sources.

Towards a Healthy Life

The ideal solution for today’s man who is so busy making and sustaining his livelihood, should be holistic in nature and not very difficult to take up as a habit. Hence, the products we make at Dhouti-Yog are aimed to be a one-stop cure to all major and minor ailments that affect the life of a modern person living a fast-paced life. After all, a healthy body is a healthy mind; and a healthy mind is the best lifestyle!


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