limestone powder briquette machine

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Product information

  • Year: 2014


  • Roller Material: 9Cr2Mo forging technology
  • Motor Set: one motor for pre-press, the other for briquetting system
  • Raw Material: cryolite powder, alumina ash, lime powder, gypsum, etc.
  • Application: Test is to drop from 3 meters. *3 times, there is no crack or broken. Briquetting ratio is less than 10% of less than 5mm size to generate.

Limestone powder briquette machine is mainly used in metallurgical industry powder material molding, like lime powder, cryolite powder, aluminum oxide, magnesium powder, bauxite and nonferrous metal, etc. The purpose of briquetting is to reduce dust pollution, control volume, wastage recycling, convenient transport, etc.

  1. More scientific and reasonable structure, it is very convenient for workers to operate and maintain the briquette machine.
  2. Adopting advanced China famous brand components in main parts.
  3. High-quality hydraulic pressure system.
  4. Advanced electrical control system.
  5. Longer lifespan. The upgraded roller is made from alloy steel, which has better hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance.

Limestone powder briquette machine roller assemble adopts technology of seperation or lightening hole type, easy to take down, saving time and save labor. Some customer is more like to choose roller assembly avoid complicated dismantle. Supporting equipment to provide a one-stop solution. Machine maintenance is simple, low cost, high efficiency, as for any technical problems, welcome to contact us online or off line, we provide a full range of technology support in 24 hours.


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