Stainless Steel Vacuum Water Bottle - Best Future - 500ml

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Product information

  • Color: Black
  • Model Number: VB-2612


  • > Pop-can style vacuum water bottle
  • > Hot and cold insulation effect is good
  • > Pop can with folding suction nozzle and straw, spill-proof
  • > Great to the gym, great for bedside the bed, great for travel and school
  • > Stainless steel high temperature resistance, environmental-friendly
  • > Straw easy unpick and washable


  • Unscrew the lid in counter-clockwise during each use.
  • Fill in the water until it reaches 1cm lower than the underside of the lid. Too much input may cause water spill when the lid is sealed off.

Notes: Add some boiling or freezing water before use for best heat-proof.Screw the lid in clockwise until it can't be screwed any more. Any inappropriate operation may lead to spill of water or drinks, scald or contamination.

During use, please stand the mug and open up the lid in counter-clockwise and incline the mug to your mouth for drinking.


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