Tacker clips for the underfloor heating systems

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SGI Underfloor Heating Components
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Tacker clip:

- 25 pieces in one package connected with tape

- 300 pieces in a box

- 480 boxes on pallet

- weight of palett 200/220/240/290/340kg - depends whitch dimension You choose

Fits to pipes with diameters of Ф 14,16,17,18,20mm

Material: polypropylene

5 dimensions:

- lenght 35mm, insertion depth 17mm (art. no 13511)

- lenght 40mm, insertion depth 22mm (art. no 14011)

- lenght 43mm, insertion depth 25mm (art. no 14311)

- lenght 50mm, insertion depth 30mm (art. no 15011)

- lenght 60mm, insertion depth 40mm (art. no 16011)


Price is flexible and negotiable. Each customer has a prepared offer and must first accept it. 

We can also pack 1000pcs/box. 


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