Uzbek canned pilaf

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Feb 2016
Akmalkhon Alimkhanov
Uzbekistan Uchtepa district, A.Ismatov street, 3 100126

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  • Brand: Fazenda
  • Condition: canned
  • Condition: canned


Ready made delicious dish Uzbek celebration pilaf. Made in Uzbekistan. Ingridients: Meat (beef, lamb), vegetable oil, carrots, onions, rice, chickpeas, raisins, spices, water. 

Nutrition value per 100g: Fat-12% Moisture-46%, Salt-1.5%, Protein-5.6%, Carbohydrate-8.8%, Meat-9.6%, Energy-165kcal. Does not contain GMO. Store in a cool dry place 0 c nj + 10 c. Once opene, use within 12 hours. Shelf life - 2 years. Net weight 335 gr.




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