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Consulates section provides information on official representatives of the government of one state in the territory of another, which can help facilitate trade and cooperation between the people of the two countries. Consulates provide assistance with bureaucratic issues to citizens in business and international transactions.

  • Albanian Honorary Consulate in Santiago
    Albania Albania, Calle Londres 65, Santiago
    Mr Sergio Martinez Baeza, Honorary Consul
    (+56) 2 2638 2489
  • Argentine Consulate in Antofagasta
    Argentina Argentina, Blanco Encalada 1933, Antofagasta
    Miguel Jorge Nougues, Consul
    (+56) 55 2220 441
  • Argentine Consulate in Puerto Montt
    Argentina Argentina, Calle Pedro Montt 160, 6th floor Puerto Montt
    Mr Julio A. Devoto Martinez, Consul
    (+56) 65 2282 878
  • Armenian Honorary Consulate in Santiago
    Armenia Armenia, Monjitas 392, Piso 15, Santiago
    Mr Eduardo Guarachi, Honorary Consul
    (+56) (2) 2770 1300
  • Austrian Honorary Consulate in Arica
    Austria Austria, Sotomayor 169, Casilla 153 Arica
    Mr Juan Andrés Worm Stari, Honorary Consul
    (+56) 58 223 12 74
  • Austrian Honorary Consulate in Valparaiso
    Austria Austria, Santo Domingo 26, Valparaíso
    Dr Michael Bier, Honorary Consul
    (+56) 32 225 18 83
  • Bahamian Honorary Consulate in Santiago
    Bahamas Bahamas, Camino Los Trapenses 4188 La Dehesa, Santiago
    Mrs Magdalena Klein de Schmaelzle, Honorary Consul
    (+56) 2-2241-7117
  • Belgian Honorary Consulate in Concepción
    Belgium Belgium, Calle Orompello, 61, Concepción
    Mr Luis Aruta M., Honorary Consul
    (+56) (41) 223 0024
  • Belizean Honorary Consulate in Santiago
    Belize Belize, Pedro Figari 2330-A, Vitacura Santiago
    Dr Ricardo Lira Silva, Honorary Consul
    (+56) (2) 2219-4132
  • Bolivian Consulate General in Santiago
    Bolivia Bolivia, Avenida Santa María 2796, Providencia Santiago
    Magdalena Cajías de la Vega, Consul General
    (+56) (2) 2232 8180

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