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Afghanistan Exports

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Export Portal enables global buyers & importers to quickly and easily locate Afghan Quality Manufacturers and Exporters through an easy-to-use online marketplace. For those interested in buying products made in Afghanistan, Export Portal offers a comprehensive database of companies engaged in exporting business. Buyers can browse the catalogs which highlight its extensive scope of products, supplied by verified exporters and manufacturers from Afghanistan.

Afghan carpets are the country's most famous folk art and one of its top exports. The increasing demand all over the world for Afghan carpets and Afghan rugs has stimulated a lively interest in this time-honored craft. Rich in form and color, the flat-woven and hand-knotted by highly-skilled craftsmen Afghancarpets once represented the highest quality in Central Asia. Export Portal invites you to find great deals for Afghan Rugs & Carpets Handmade.

The other important export product that helps to sustain the country's economy is represented by fresh fruits and a wide variety of dried fruits. Afghanistan offers the world exceptionally high quality fruits, notably grown grapes, apricots, pomegranates, berries, plums, sun dried apricots & raisins, nuts and even more. These fruits have traditionally been Afghanistan main food exports.

In Afghanistan, exports account for around 20 percent of GDP. Afghanistan main exports are carpets and rugs (45 percent of total exports); dried fruits and medicinal plants. Main export partners are Pakistan, India, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. 
Shop with confidence on Export Portal and connect with quality Sellers and Manufacturers from Afghanistan

Afghanistan Imports

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Export Portal makes it easy to find trusted suppliers, sellers, manufacturers and exporters of all types of products to import them safely and easily in Afghanistan. Find exclusive discounts from many sellers, submit offers and product inquiries to suggest new prices for items you are interested in, contact sellers and manufacturers using the on-site chat program and more. Thousands of global companies are eager to fulfill your orders on Export Portal and ship them to your home country.

With reference to Afghanistan's imports, the country imports a broad range of products, including food, vehicles, textiles, and petroleum products. Export Portal is your one stop destination for finding and contacting Global Suppliers and Manufacturers to import products easily and safely to Afghanistan. Source for Cars & Parts Manufacturers, Manufacturers & Suppliers of Apparel and Textiles, Food Suppliers and many others.

Afghanistan's main imports also include petroleum (33 percent of total imports), machinery and equipment, food items and base metals and related articles. Main import partners of Afghanistan are Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, China, Turkmenistan, Japan and Kazakhstan. 

Customs requirements of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry:



Phone Number: +93 (0) 700 296 771 


Afghanistan is a landlocked country situated within South Asia and Central Asia. The country is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. Afghanistan's territory covers 652,000 km2, being the 41st largest country in the world. The country is a member of the South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization and other international organizations.


Regulatory Export Procedures

1. The Export Promotion Agency shall review the application form and issue an invoice requiring the payment of the service fees.

2. The applicant pays the invoice at the Da Afghanistan Bank and returns with proof of payment to the Export Promotion Agency.

3. The Export Promotion Agency shall issue a permit to export, and the letter of referral to the Chamber of Commerce for the issuance of the Certificate of Origin.

4. The Chamber of Commerce issues the Certificate of Origin for the goods.

5. The permit holder submits the permit to export, the invoice, and the certificate of origin with the 

Customs declaration to the Afghanistan Customs Department for the clearance process.


Regulatory Import Procedures

1. For registration of the license, the relevant section of the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency shall issue a tariff notice that the applicant shall pay at the Da Afghanistan Bank.

2. The business plan is evaluated by the designated committee of the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency, and a recommendation for approval/refusal of license is made to the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency Board.

3. After approval of the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency Board, the company is obliged to pay the annual license fee as well as the annual regulatory fee in order to obtain the license.

4. If the application is to be refused, the reasons for refusal shall be given to the applicant in writing.

5. The applicant can appeal the partial or total refusal for license to import to the Commission for Settling Financial Disputes established under the Da Afghanistan Bank Law. An appeal must be registered with the Commission for An Inventory to Importing Goods into Afghanistan – January 2013 45Settling Financial Disputes and a copy must be sent to the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency within thirty days from the date that the decision is made. If the appellant is not satisfied with the Commission’s decision, they may appeal to the commercial courts of Afghanistan under the Civil Procedure Code.

6. Upon arrival of the goods, the Afghan Customs Department shall issue a letter to notify the Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency and shall provide the following documents:

Full list of import equipment's (Delivery Notes)

Documents of Freight forwarders (Way Bill)

Invoice of the selling company and import equipment's takes place into the country.

7. The Afghan Telecom Regulatory Agency shall attend the office of the Afghan Customs Department, shall inspect the goods, and shall confirm the right to import through applying he official stamp and signature on the customs documents.


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