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Cocos Keeling Islands Exports

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Cocos Keeling Islands represent a small island country which consists of two atolls and 27 coral islands situated in the Indian Ocean. Cocos Islands have a limited economic activity, the public sector (administration, education, health, local government services) providing the majority of the workplaces. The production and export of copra is the islands' primary source of revenue. 

The largest private sector activity is the provision of services to the community. Small businesses provide a range of goods and services including accommodation, tourism, workshop/mechanical services, gardening and cleaning. Tourism on the Cocos Islands is not very developed. It is limited due to the small number of tourist beds available on West Island and the frequency of air services to and from the Islands. The existing tourist activities are focused on water-based or nature recreation. 

The Cocos Keeling Islands is the world's 212th largest export economy. The Island's primary exports are computers, telephones, electrical transformers, portable lighting. The top export partners of the Cocos Islands are the US, Poland, Brazil, Australia and France. 

Cocos Keeling Islands Imports

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Cocos Islands have a small, service-based economy, the main sectors being services, copra production and tourism. The agricultural sector consists of small local gardens and fishing. The main agricultural products cultivated on the islands are vegetables, bananas, pawpaws and coconuts. The existing crops contribute to the food supply, but most food and most of the consumer goods must be imported from Australia or other countries. 

The Cocos Keeling Islands is the 217th largest importer. The Islands' main imports include corn, broadcasting equipment, electronics, recreational boats, cars, refined petroleum and pharmaceuticals. The top import partners are the US, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada. During the last years the imports of the Cocos Islands have decreased. The most recent imports are led by corn which represent 37.7% of the total imports of the Cocos Islands, followed by broadcasting equipment, which account for 5.76%.