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Czech Republic Exports

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Export Portal is one of the largest online marketplaces, that connects potential buyers with trusted suppliers and manufacturers. If you are a Czech exporter, supplier, manufacturer or wholesaler use Export Portal to list your goods to find importers and buyers around the world. Or if you searching for products made in the Czech Republic, signup today to find and contact Czech suppliers and connect with verified and trusted Czech exporters.

Czech Republic is considered an export economy with the main focus on machinery and automobile industry. The country boasts a long history of industrial production and it has good access to the European market. The nation has recorded a positive trade balance since it joined the European Union, a trend that should continue in the future. 

The Czech Republic is intensively involved in international trade. Czech Republic engages in the export of numerous manufactured goods that are used in the production of automobiles, furniture, and electrical appliances. A majority of these products are exported to European countries, especially to Germany. 

Here is a list of the key industries of the Czech economy:

The automotive sectorThe automotive sector is ranked among the main industries of the country. There is no single major car manufacturer in Europe who does not utilize vehicle parts made in the Czech Republic.

Chemicals and PharmaceuticalsA number of world famous pharmaceutical groups have successfully integrated their Czech acquisitions into their international networks thus helping them bring their pharmaceutical products to international marketsSanofi-Aventis, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals or Teva Group, to name a few.

The Czech production of pottery, glass and ceramicsThe given industry is characterized by a centuries long tradition, enjoying high reputation on the global scale. Due to its original design and excellent quality, Czech glass and ceramics manufacturers find its numerous consumers around the world. The offer spans from sheet glassware, laminated glass to technical glassware.

Production of medical equipmentProduction of medical equipment is one of the most innovative sectors of the Czech economy.

The excellent results of the Czech medical sector support the positive expectations for the future and open up new possibilities for Czech exports of medical equipment.  

Czech Republic Imports

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International trade is all about connecting verified manufacturers and exporters with potential global buyers. Whether you are looking to import bulk products from/to the Czech Republic or a simple buyer looking for Czech Apparel, Czech Glass or Czech Auto Parts, it pays to join Export Portal's online marketplace.

Nowadays, the Czech Republic engages in the export of various manufactured goods that are used in the home appliance, automotive and furniture industries. In its turn the country imports primarily machinery and transportation equipment, fuels, chemicals and raw materials: and as expected the demand for foreign products will increase in the next 5 years, with about 10% annually. This tendency will undoubtedly present great opportunities for Raw Materials Exporters, Machine Tool Exporters or Chemical Products Exporters.

Export Portal is your best source for international import export trade. Find global export businesses on our site and import products to the Czech Republic easily and safely.

Customs requirements of Czech republic

Czech Republic Customs Contacts



Address: Budějovická 7, 140 00 Praha 4

Telephone: +420 261 331 111



The Czech Republic is a member of the customs union, allowing the duty free exchange of goods free from other barriers to trade. The customs rate is a two-column tariff based on the Harmonized System. Most duties are ad valorem (per cent), based on the GATT Valuation Code (approximately CIF value - Incoterms 2000). 

Most imports from the non-EU countries are subject to rates of duty ranging from nil to 15 per cent, with the average rate around five per cent.

Import restrictions

All monopoly on foreign trade and all price controls have been abolished. Any firm or individual that is registered may now import goods from any country.

Administration of import registration and licensing is controlled by the License Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Import licenses are not required for most goods, although certain items are still subject to an automatic licensing system, including:

  • electric power
  • steel
  • crude oil
  • natural gas
  • some other chemicals
  • firearms
  • narcotics

Some agricultural and food products are subject to an automatic licensing system. All import deposits have been removed.

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union (EU) and those rules and directives need to be respected.


Product certification

Some products require certification before a declaration of conformity can be issued. Depending on the nature of the goods, a veterinary health certificate and/or a certificate of origin (for concessionary customs rates, if applicable) can also be required. Products containing genetically modified organisms require special approvals.

Labelling and marking

Instructions for use, description of a product and warranty must be written in Czech.

Special certificates

Health/veterinary certificates, issued by the appropriate authority in the country of origin, are required for shipments of animals and their products and plant and vegetable products.

In September 1997 Act #22/97 of Collection of Laws covering technical requirements for products was launched. The Act is completed by the Government Decree of Assumed Europe Duplicity to be applied for possible dangerous products (e.g. electrical appliances, toys, fireworks and cosmetics). Importer is obliged to sign the Statement of Conformity (required from safety point of view of the product) with an appropriate certification authority using proper prescribed procedure based on Paragraph 12, Article 4 a-h of Act #22/97 of Coll. to be able to meet Czech standards.


No general requirements. Any specific requirements will be stipulated in the contract.

Goods should be securely packed, having due regard to the nature of the goods, means of transport and likely climatic conditions during transit and delivery.

Outer containers should bear consignee's mark and port mark and should also be numbered (to accord with packing list) unless their contents can be otherwise readily identified.

Sales contract number and country of origin must be shown on containers.


Documentary requirements

Commercial invoice

Note: Documentation requirements are normally detailed in each individual contract.

No prescribed form and a minimum of three copies are required. The invoice must contain all details relevant to the shipment, including the sales contract number.

Bill of lading

The original is required for clearing goods through customs, to be issued in the number of copies requested by importer. 'To Order' bills are acceptable.

Packing list

Not obligatory, but it facilitates clearance.

Certificate of origin

May be requested within the terms of the contract - otherwise, only required for wine and wine distillates cleared under the MFN tariff.


Public health requirements

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union (EU) and these rules and directives need to be respected.

Imports of animals and animal products and of plants and vegetable products must be licensed by the License Authority of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. The individual items are subject to the Notice #560/91, of the Law Digest and Act #147/96 of the Digest.

From import administration view, these products can be split into two groups. The first group covers live animals, foodstuffs and foodstuffs of animal origin and fodders, requires veterinary certificates by the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic. The second group, including plants and seeds, requires psychopathological sanitary certificates and in some cases even additional declaration by FITO Service.

These certificates are issued by the approved authority in the country of origin.

Specific requirements are normally stated in the sales contract.

Pharmaceuticals require an import license issued by the Ministry of Health. At the same time any pharmaceutical is subject to the registration by the State Institute of Pharmaceutical Control prior to import.

Electrical appliances, toys, fireworks and cosmetics must conform to safety regulations being identical with those of the EU.