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Denmark Exports

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Export Portal is the leading e-marketplace and business-to-business directory, providing a platform for international companies of all sizes to do business and find new customers through e-commerce. If you are interested in buying items made in Denmark for diversifying your product line or just for personal use, Export Portal can help you.

As a matter of fact, Denmark has many advantages for exporting. Its key location as the only Scandinavian country connected to mainland Europe, plus its position on the Baltic sea, gives it access to lucrative markets for both EU and non-EU countries. Denmark hosts a great number of companies that all produce a range of functional high quality goods. At our portal you will for sure find a wide selection of interesting products and goods made in Denmark within different business areas.

A survey conducted in 2011, showed that the Danes are most proud of the following 3 export products:

1. Lurpak Butter (Gold)
The Lurpak butter Lurpak is a Danish brand of butter which sold in over 
80 countries world wide. It is best known for its distinct silver packaging. Today - Lurpak is one of the world’s best distributed butter brands.

2. Carlsberg Beer (Silver)

The Carlsberg Beer is known all over the world and has a reputation as being Probably the Best Beer in the World”.

3. Anthon Berg Chocolate (Bronze)

The Anthon Berg’s chocolate products can be found in most parts of the world.

Denmark is also famous for providing the world with high quality Danish stone, clay, glass, wood, silver products, LEGO toys, Danish apparel, Danish furniture, Danish jewelry and many others.


Denmark Imports

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Export Portal is the leading online marketplace connecting importers with exporters all over the world including the United States, China, Germany, South Africa, Argentina and more. Exporters/Manufacturers/Suppliers can post and advertise their products on Importers/Buyers in their turn can search and contact sellers easily by categories or keywords.  

Denmark importers are invited to join Export Portal and import products to their country easily and safely. It is worth mentioning that Denmark is a large international trader, and although the country is a huge exporter of various products, it is still reliant on imports to meet the needs of its domestic sector. Denmark imports mainly raw materials, semi manufacturers, chemicals, machinery and equipment, foodstuffs and consumer goods.

Find global export businesses with our online marketplace and contact Food Exporters and Suppliers, Consumer Goods Manufacturers, Machinery Exporters and many others. It is easy and safe to buy/sell online with Export Portal.

Customs requirements of Denmark

Denmark Customs Contact Information


Telephone: +45 72221818


Denmark is a trade-oriented economy. As a base for exporting, Denmark has many advantages. Its key location as the only Scandinavian country connected to mainland Europe, plus its position on the Baltic sea, gives it access to lucrative markets for both EU and non-EU countries. Its extensive infrastructure and well-educated, high-skilled workforce also help promote trade and foreign investment.


Export/Import Requirements:

Denmark is a member of EU Customs Union. It is also a member of ASEM (en anglais) and since it is an EU country, Denmark has multilateral and bilateral agreements with many countries. 

Several forms of documentation may be required at the Danish Customs:

- Sanitary Certificates;

- Pharmaceutical Certificates;

- Certificates of Origin;

- Commercial Invoices;

- Bill of Lading;

- Air Waybill;

- Declaration of Antiquity;

- Dangerous Goods Certification. 

Free Zones: Københavns Frihavn (Freeport of Copenhagen). The facilities in the free port are mostly used for tax-free warehousing of goods imported, for exports, and for in-transit trade. Tax and duties are not payable until cargo leaves the Free Port.