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Finland Exports

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Export Portal is a leading export import portal for international trade between global buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer from Finland, use Export Portal to source trusted manufacturers, suppliers and products on a worldwide level. If you are a Finnish exporter, there is no better place to expose your business to a global audience.

Finland is a member of the European Union and it is the 12th easiest country to do business. The country's trade is dominated by high tech products, such as mobile phones. Finland also exports electrical and optical equipment, machinery, paper and pulp, chemicals and basic metals. Forestry is an important export earner as well, by providing a secondary occupation for the rural population.

Export Portal offers you a great opportunity to visit one of the world's largest online shops of Finnish products provided by trusted Finnish Exporters, Suppliers, and Manufacturers. Explore our product and motor catalog of over 50 categories divided into thousands of subcategories. Browse our fabulous collection of Finnish cell phones, Finnish optical equipment, Finnish chemical products or Finnish machinery.

Thousands of global buyers are already finding the most reliable, high-quality and updated resources of Finnish products and their suppliers through Export Portal.


Finland Imports

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Export Portal is the leading portal for global export and import, helping buyers and sellers find each other easily, connect trade efficiently and cost effectively. This is where importers find exporters, and import goods to any country in the world.

Finnish principal imports are foodstuffs, petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, transport equipment, iron and steel, machinery, textile yarn and fabrics and grains. Its main import partners are Germany, Russia, Sweden, Netherlands and China.

If you are interested in importing goods to Finland, Export Portal offers you business to business and business to customer resources for the international trade. Contact worldwide exporters and importers, find offers to buy, business opportunities and trade leads in Finland and over 200 countries of the world.

Customs requirements of Finland

Finland Customs Contact Information



Telephone: +358 295 5202

Address: Finnish Customs; PO Box 512, 00101 Helsinki


Finland belongs to Nordic countries, as it is situated in Northern Europe. The country is bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia. Finland is a member of the European Union, World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, International Chamber of Commerce.


Finland: Export Requirements 

Finland is part of the harmonised trade system of the European Union (EU) and importing and exporting are covered by EC Regulations. The Common Customs Tariff (CCT) applies to the import of goods across the borders of the EU. 

Exporting from Finland requires:

- Export Compliance

- Knowledge of your commodity

- Proper documentation including permits, licenses and related certificate of origins

- Pre-shipment requirements from the destination country 

Necessary Declarations: 

Export documentation requirements vary depending on the value of the goods, destination of the shipment and if the goods are controlled, prohibited or regulated. Goods that must be reported require a bill of landing/airway bill, an SAD (Single Administrative Document) export declaration, a commercial or a pro-forma invoice, as well as any export permits, certificate, licenses required for controlled, prohibited or regulated goods. All controlled, regulated commodities require an export permit regardless of the value. It is extremely important that all documents tendered for export clearance processing are accurate in every way. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation may result in lengthy delays in customs processing and may result in warehousing and other customs fees. 


Import Regulations

Custom duties and value added tax (VAT) apply to imported goods. All traders (businesses and private individuals) may lodge declarations for importations via the “Customs web channel”.

The customs duty is variable (0-17%) depending on the nature and the classification of the products. It will be calculated from the customs value which means the price that was actually paid to the exporter. Therefore, when presenting a declaration, the commercial invoice, freight bill, and packing list must be enclosed. 

Some of the mandatory documents to import goods to Finland are the following:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Customs Value Declaration
  • Freight documents
  • Customs Clearance Form (SAD)
  • Entry and Exit Summary Declaration (AREX)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance certificate
  • Declaration for request for free circulation

VAT on goods imported from outside the Community is collected. It is levied on the total amount of the purchase price, delivery costs (freight) and customs duty in accordance with the transport agreement to the first destination within Finland. The VAT for most goods in Finland is 24 %.