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French Guiana Exports

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French Guiana has a developing market economy, with services, manufacturing and construction being the most important economic sectors. French Guiana is a part of France, and as a result a part of the EU and the Eurozone. In 2012, the country was estimated to be the largest economy in the Guianas, and the 11th largest in South America. 

The agricultural sector is undeveloped and mainly practiced in the area near the coast and along the Maroni River. In the past, sugar and bananas were the main crops grown for export. At present they almost completely disappeared. Agriculture have been replaced by livestock raising (beef cattle and pigs) and market gardening (fruits and vegetables), both intended for the local market. 

The manufacturing sector is also not very developed. The sector is mostly concentrated on the production of cement, wood products and rum. The only extracted minerals are gold and clays. The Guiana Space Centre also plays an important role in the local economy. Tourism, especially eco-tourism, is growing. 

The main exports of the French Guiana include electrical machinery and electronics, motor vehicles and parts, gold, fish and shrimps, timber, clothes, rosewood essence and rum. France, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique and the US are the most important export partners of the country.

French Guiana Imports

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French Guiana's economy is dependent on France when in comes to subsidies and trade. The country is also heavily dependent on imports of food and energy. The exploitation of minerals does not have an important value and as a result the country must import fossil fuels and metallic minerals. Most capital and consumer goods are also imported. 

The main traditional industries of the country are fishing, gold mining and timber (accounting for 1% of exports in 2012). Most of the labour force is employed in services and industry, with a small fraction in agriculture. 

French Guiana's main imports are food and agricultural products (grains, processed meat etc), machinery, transport equipment, refined petroleum and chemicals. The country's main import partners are France, the USA, Trinidad and Tobago and Italy.