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French Southern Territories Exports

artice info

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands represent an overseas territory of France, consisting of the:

- Kerguelen Islands – situated approximately equidistant between Africa, Antarctica and Australia;

- St. Paul and Amsterdam islands - situated to the north of Kerguelen;

- Crozet Islands – situated south of Madagascar;

- Adélie Land - the French claim on the continent of Antarctica;

- Scattered Islands – situated around the coast of Madagascar;

The French Southern Territories are known for their extreme isolation and their specific weather conditions. The territory's natural resources are limited to fish and crustaceans. Economic activity is based on servicing meteorological and geophysical research stations, as well as French and other fishing fleets. The main fish resources are Patagonian toothfish and spiny lobster. 

It should be mentioned that the French Southern Lands do not have any permanent population. As a result there is no export, import or other trade activities.