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Gabon Exports

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Export Portal is the world's prominent and fast growing export import portal, that enables the sellers to get thousands of global potential customers. If you are an exporter or manufacturer from Gabon, the portal is your one stop destination for all your business and marketing needs. Our wide variety of product and motor categories include computers, apparel, shoes, vehicles, electronics, household goods, industrial equipment, gemstones and much more.

Gabon's export plays a vital role in the economy of the country. Major exportable products of the nation are timber, manganese, uranium, and oil. Thus the most popular product categories between Gabon exporters and suppliers include Food and Agricultural Produce, Wood and Articles of Wood and Mineral Products.

Export Portal believes that exporting overseas is the key to the success of your company, allowing you to showcase your products online for the expansion of your export business. At sell or choose a broad range of products from Wood Suppliersand Manufacturers in Gabon, Food Exporters & Suppliers and Food Producersas well as check out the catalog of mineral products, timber and food from Gabon


Gabon Imports

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Export Portal's main focus is providing the e-business solutions to small and medium-sized companies and helping them enhance international competiveness. This is where importers find exporters, and import goods to any country in the world.

If you are interested in importing goods to Gabon, Export Portal offers you business to business and business to customer resources for the international trade. Contact worldwide exporters and importers, find offers to buy, business opportunities and trade leads in Gabon and over 200 countries of the world. You can also get the most complete and accurate information on products supplied by trusted sellers and manufacturers.

Gabon’s main imports are machinery, construction materials, cereals and other foodstuffs. Gabon’s main import partners are France, Belgium, China, United States and Cameroon.

Nowadays Export Portal is one of the world's leading export import portals, specializing in bridging the gap between global importers and exporters. 

Customs requirements of Gabon

Gabon Customs Contacts


Address: 40 Libreville, Gabon

Telephone: +241 172 4984/ +241 176 5963


Gabon is a country situated on the west coast of Central Africa, bordered by Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea. Gabon is a member of the World Bank, the Central African Economic and Monetary Communiy, the Organisation of the African Unity and the Central African Customs Union.



Customs tariffs are based on the CEMAC common external tariff, which are ad valorem. Gabon applies a value added tax of 18% on the imported products. The importer also will have to pay a processing fee (Redevance utilization du system infomatique - RUSID) which can vary from 2 to 80 % of the CIF.

Export Requirements

Exports procedures in Gabon are carried out following 3 steps: 

1. Export declaration

2. Issuance of the certificate of origin

3. Inspection before embarkation.

Import Requirements

The importation procedure in Gabon consists of four (4) main steps:

1. Issuance of the import intention

2. Submission of the certificate of origin

3. Quality inspection of the imported goods

4. Domiciliation of imports payment


French labeling of the price for all imported and domestic goods is required, but not strictly enforced. Non-French labeling is a disadvantage in Gabon’s market. There are no other special labeling or marking requirements. 

Goods imports' whose FOB value is higher than CFA 500,000 must be subjected to a previous import license delivered by Foreign Trade Directorate. License is required for goods originating from countries not belonging to the European Union. Import license is also required for goods submitted to quotas imposed to protect national production.