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Grenada Exports

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Export Portal, the global trade portal, will help you expand overseas. Identify with us new business opportunities using databases and trade leads of exporters worldwide. If you are interested in buying goods from Grenada, view full information of any trade leads posted by Grenada's suppliers and exporters, that include the trade lead posts of products made in Grenada, links and contact information.

Grenada is one of the most picturesque islands on the planet. It is noteworthy that the country's economy is heavily dependent on foreign trade and finances the modernization and development of the island. It's not called the Spice Island for nothing, you really can smell the nutmeg in the air on Grenada. And it could be also called the Fruit Island for the luscious bounty growing profusely in the green hills. Numerous spices, fruits and vegetables are grown inthis island, the main crops for export being nutmeg, bananas, cocoa beans, and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

You don't have to travel to Grenada to buy local fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. allows you to browse online the most complete collection of products and goods cultivated or made in Grenada directly from the point of origin. We stock Nutmeg Suppliers in Grenada, Beverage and Fruit Suppliers in Grenada, or Vegetable Suppliers in Grenada. Join Export Portal now to find the best deals with low prices on high quality products, to find business partners or to showcase your business and products throughout the world.

Grenada Imports

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Grenada has a largely tourism-based, small, open economy. Over the past two decades, the economy has shifted from one of agriculture-dominant into that of services-dominant, with tourism serving as the leading foreign currency earning sector. 

Grenada's top imports are poultry meat, wheat, cars, industrial fatty acids, oils, alcohols and furniture. The top import partners of Grenada are the United States, Barbados, the United Kingdom, Brazil and China.

The online portal is the best place for buyers and importers from Grenada who want to source products supplied by global sellers, also also containing global exporters database and instructions on how to import to GrenadaFind and contact thousands of global sellersmanufacturers and suppliers and connect with trusted exporters everywhere on Export Portal!

This online export import portal provides resources to help Grenada's importers and exporters find counterparts, explore international markets, organize shipments and perform all your overseas money transfers safely and securely.

Customs requirements of Grenada

Grenada Customs Contact Information



Address: Grenada Customs & Excise Division Burns Point, St. George's Grenada, West Indies

Phone Number: (473) 440-2239/2240/3588 


Grenada is an island country consisting of Grenada itself and six smaller islands located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. The nearest Grenada's neighbours are Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Grenada is a full member the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).


Export Procedure:

In order to make locally produced goods competitive on the international market, exports have been zero-rated. As a result, VAT-registered exporters can claim any VAT paid on inputs used in the manufacturing of local products that will be exported or on any VAT paid on imported goods that will subsequently be exported.

Exporters claiming these VAT input tax credits would be given an immediate refund once the Comptroller of Inland Revenue Division (IRD) is satisfied that the goods in question were exported in keeping with the requirements of the applicable Customs laws.

The following are the customs procedures to be followed by registered exporters wishing to meet the requirements for VAT refunds:

The exporter contacts Customs at least 24 hours prior to packing their goods for export to ensure that an officer will be present during the entire packing process.

In the case of large shipments, the officer can be scheduled to conduct inspections at the VAT exporter's premises. Inspection procedures for small export shipments are similar, but can be carried out at the place of export when the goods are presented to a Customs officer in unsealed cartons or packing material.

Prior to commencing packing at their premises or presenting the shipment at the place of export, the exporter must complete their export declaration in ASYCUDA World and attach commercial invoices that correspond to the information provided on the declaration.

When the officer arrives at the exporter's premises, the packing can commence. The officer will verify that the goods on the declaration and invoice are the same goods and in the same quantities as those packed. Once the packing is complete, the container will be sealed.

The officer will certify that the goods have been properly packed for export and will include the seal and container numbers in the certification. The goods can now be moved to the place of export.

In the case of small shipments, the officer will carry out a similar verification and certification at place of export.

The declaration will be processed by the Customs cashier in the normal fashion.

In the case of large shipments, a Customs officer at the place of export will verify that the seals on the container are intact and that it is the same container that was certified by the Customs officer during the packing process. Upon verification, the officer will so certify.

The master of the vessel or the commander of the aircraft will so certify when the goods have been loaded on the vessel or aircraft.

Exporters may at a later date print a copy of the Export SAD from archived in ASYCUDA World to facilitate later verification by officers of the VAT Unit Inland Revenue.


Import Procedure: 

Most goods can be imported in Grenada under an open general import license. Some items require specific licenses. Exporters should confirm current requirements with their importer in Grenada.

Certain categories of goods require that priority sourcing be given to other CARICOM nations.

Other items are subject to quantitative restrictions (e.g., arms and ammunition, industrial gas, carbonated beverages, paints and certain goods imported for the furniture and construction industries).

All imports from Kuwait and Iraq are forbidden.