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Guyana Exports

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As a result of the small size of the internal market and historical pattern of development, Guyana is exceptionally dependent on foreign trade. The country exports a range of products that include bauxite, sugar, shrimp, rum, timber and molasses. Thus agriculture and mining are Guyana's most important economic activities accounting for 75 percent of export earnings.

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Guyana Imports

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Being a small state, Guyana has to import many goods. These include fuels and lubricants, machinery, vehicles, textiles and food. The country also imports different types of consumer goods: as Guyana doesn't produce household appliance, all these are imported, the same refers to home electronics, clothing articles and various foodstuff. In 1965 Guyana joined the Caribbean Free Trade Association, now the Caribbean Community, which has its headquarters in Georgetown.

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Customs requirements of Guyana

Guyana Customs Contacts

Customs and Trade Administration Department (C&TA)


Address: 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown

Tel: 512 (592)227-6060 or 227-8222


Guyana is a country situated on the northern mainland of South America, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela to the west. It is a member of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States, Caribbean Community (CARICOM), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization and other international organizations.



Guyana is a member of the Caribbean Community and applies the CARICOM common external tariff, with certain exceptions. Customs duties are calculated on the c.i.f. value of the products and include all other foreign costs.

Apart from import duties, a VAT tax is levied on the imported products at a general rate of 16%. The value added tax applies equally to imports and domestically produced products. 

VAT on merchandise imports is applied on the c.i.f. value, plus the sum of import duties and any other taxes and charges. 

There are many zero rated under the VAT products, including some locally produced goods, but not their imported equivalents, these are: bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, rags, curtains, handkerchiefs, rugs, mats, table covers, shelf covers, blankets, ribbons and locally produced garments. Guyana grants duty exemptions on selected manufactured imports originating from non-CARICOM trading partners. 


Product certification, labeling and packaging

Labeling and packaging regulations are monitored based on mandatory standards for products by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards - GNBS. 

Labeling of textile products should include the following:

  • fiber content
  • name and address of the manufacturer
  • country of origin
  • width of textile in centimeters
  • any finishing treatments
  • quality designation, "irregular" where applicable

A number of sanitary and phytosanitary requirements are applied on imported goods. In accordance with the Food and Drugs Act, the importation of livestock and other animals, including domestic pets and plant materials into Guyana, is subject to an import permit from the Animal Services Division (animals) or the Plant Quarantine Section (plant materials) of the Ministry of Agriculture. The permit specifies the conditions that must be met in the exporting country before importation is allowed into Guyana. A number of animal and vegetable products are also subject to import licensing. 


Documents for import

The following documents are required while importing into Guyana:

- Bill of Lading (BOL)/Airway Bill with the Freight Certified Stamp

- Original invoice with the company's stamp or signature, certified invoice or Form C21

- A certificate from the Pesticide, Toxic and Chemicals Control Department (required for the import of chemicals)

- Import Licence Certificate from the Ministry of Trade (required for the import of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)

- Freight certified airway bill or delivery order

- Bills or receipts (original)

- Form C32 A or B

- A worksheet

- For CARICOM goods, a CARICOM Certificate of Origin

- CG letter for exempted items (for some items).