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Iceland Exports

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Iceland has the smallest population in the Nordic region, however, the country ranks as one of the top 15 countries in terms of per capita income. It is characterized by established and sophisticated market with a trusted trading relationships with many countries in the world.

Export Portal invites you to discover a great opportunity with Iceland Trade, Iceland Export and Iceland Import Business. If you are interested in exporting products from Iceland, check out various Icelandic items on Export Portal like wool, books, beauty products and of course seafood products. It should be noted that Iceland's exports are dominated by fish and fishery products. The country is the 4th largest exporter of fish to the EU after Norway, China and Ecuador. In recent years Icelandic exports of manufactured products have been also growing rapidly, led by pharmaceutical products and aluminum.

Export Portal is one of the largest export/import directories where you can easily find and contact wholesalers from Iceland, Icelandic Distributors, Icelandic Wholesale Suppliers, Icelandic Exporters or Icelandic Producers. All the products available on the site are classified into categories and sub-categories. This allows you to shop easily online for Icelandic Fish, Icelandic Fish Products, Icelandic woolen knitwear, Icelandic wool, Icelandic Pharmaceutical Products and many other goods made in Iceland. 


Iceland Imports

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Iceland's economy is mixed and well developed in terms of free trade. The country's economy is highly export oriented, with marine products constituting the main export commodity. In this context should be pointed out that Iceland's economy depends on foreign trade more than other countries. Iceland's major import partners are Germany, United States, Norway, Denmark and China. 

Iceland's arable lands represent only 0,7 percent of the total area, because the island's terrain is primarily volcanic and mountainous. The country isn't very rich in mineral resources, sulphur and diatomite are mostly extracted. The main natural resources of Iceland are those used for cement production. Instead, Iceland is considered a world leader in the use of renewable energy and the largest electricity producer per capita. The island's abundant hydroelectric and geothermal sources provide 85 percent of all the country's primary energy. 

Iceland's main imports are cement, petroleum products, machinery and equipment, textiles, foodstuffs, electronic equipment, vehicles, pharmaceuticals. High tariffs are applied on agricultural goods, and the import of some products is restricted for phyto-sanitary reasons (uncooked meat, for example).

Customs requirements of Iceland

Iceland Customs Information



Telephone: +354 5600315 

Address: Tryggvagata 19 101 Reykjavík Iceland 


Iceland is a Nordic island country situated between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The country is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, European Economic Area, European Free Trade Association, World Trade Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization.


Import Procedure

The general rule is that import charges are to be paid when importing goods to the country in accordance with the customs tariff that has legal validity in Iceland. Included in the import charges are duties, excise duties and value added tax as well as various other charges that may be added when a good is imported. 

Import documents shall be submitted to the director of customs in the customs district where the goods are unloaded from the vessel, unless the goods are transported undeclared to another customs district and arrangements are made for customs treatment there.


Documents for import/export

The following documents should be submitted with an import declaration:

  • commercial invoice
  • a bill of lading or a transport document issued in connectiond with the transport of the goods
  • a bill covering freight charges
  • a certificate of origin when preferential customs treatment is requested in accord-ance with international agreements to which Iceland is a party, unless a declaration of origin has been entered on the invoice
  • other documents concerning the imported goods which are of relevance to their customs treatment, e.g. an import licence when required, a confirmation of an authorization for special customs treatment when such is the case, or other certificates required in special circumstances.