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Iraq Exports

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Iraq (officially the Republic of Iraq) is a country in Western Asia, the 45th largest export economy in the world. 

Before gaining success on the international market, this country was known as the cradle of civilization. Many early cultures and cities, as Sumeria, Akkadia, Assyria, Babylon, Ur and Nineveh were established in the ancestral country known as the “land of the two rivers”. Unfortunately, the period of wars, sanctions and conflicts interfered country’s economic and trade development. 

Today, Iraq provides the world market with petroleum and mineral products

The use of technology has increased rapidly since 2003. With the rise of modern technologies and the foreign investments, Iraq produces and exports energy, network devices, computer components and other PC accessories. 

The top exports of Iraq belong to energy and utilities industries. At the same time, Iraq runs regular trade surpluses primarily due to high exports of crude and refined petroleum, gold, tropical fruits and tanned sheep hides.

In addition to country’s rich energy resources, the primary sector is concentrated on agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining. Due to this, Iraq exports fresh fish and wood to neighbor countries, as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. 

Iraq holds strong export partnerships with China, India, the United States, South Korea and Greece. 

Iraq Imports

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Iraq gained its place as international importer after becoming the United States’ 59th largest goods export market in 2012. 

In order to increase country’s economy, the government imports large quantities of non-agricultural export categories, as: machinery and mechanical appliances, aircraft, vehicles, electrical machinery, optic instruments as well as iron and steel products. 

Due to the unstable political situation and continuous military repressions in some parts of the country, the government emphasizes its attention on direct medical assistance, developing local health system. In order to provide primary health care and basic reproductive health services, the country imports mobile medical units, medical and surgery instruments as well as pharmateuticals.

Water supply and sanitation in Iraq is characterized by poor water and service quality. Three decades of war, combined with limited environmental awareness, have destroyed Iraq's water resources management system. Thus, the country imports tones of potable water to support people’s life activity.

Main import partners of Iraq are Turkey, China, South Korea, the United States and Germany.

Customs requirements of Iraq

Iraq Customs Information

Iraqi Ministry Of Trade



Address: Baghdad International Fair, Baghdad, Iraq


Iraq is a country situated in Western Asia, bordered by Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. The country is a member of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Arab League, Arab Monetary Fund, Customs Cooperation Council, Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, International Monetary Fund, Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries and World Bank.



Customs tariffs on imports vary from 0% to 50 % and are based on the goods value. For example, duties applied on meat range from 10% to 30%, on fish and crustaceans – 20%-30%, on dairy products – 3%-30%.

The importer will also have to pay a reconstruction tax of 5 % of the total customs value of the imported goods, except from food, medicine, clothing, books, and humanitarian products.


Product certification packaging and labelling


Product certification must correspond to Iraqi standards. The imported goods must correspond to all health and safety parameters. Certification is performed by the Pre-Import Inspection, Testing & Certification Program of Goods into the Republic of Iraq (ICIGI).

Packaging and labelling

The country of origin, the date of manufacture and expiration date should be printed on the packaging.

The ingredients of pharmaceuticals has to be clearly printed on the package.

Labels on pesticides must be in Arabic and English.


Documents for import/export

  • Commercial invoice (legalised by the local chamber of commerce and public notarised, and legalised by the secretary of state)
  • Bill of lading ( indicating name and address of beneficiary, quantities, weights and values)
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin
  • Other necessary licenses and permits


A more detailed information about customs tariffs for all categories of products can be found here: