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Jamaica Exports

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Export Portal invites you to access this unique and comprehensive export/import online portal for manufacturers, exporters, importers, suppliers or manufacturing companies across the world. We pride ourselves on helping businesses from across the globe to increase their market share by providing cost effective advertising solutions for reaching the largest international audience. If you are an exporter or importer of products made in Jamaica, then Export Portal is your one stop destination. Find and contact Jamaican Manufacturers, Jamaican Suppliers, Jamaican Distributors, Jamaican Exporters to do business together or to export the interested products to your home country.

Jamaica, the 3rd largest English-speaking island in the Caribbean, is one of the most iconic tropical getaways, being a paradise on earth. Export Portal celebrates the talents, ingenuity and diversity of Jamaicans who create wonderful products which are sought after around the world. Find healthy and natural Jamaican products like Blue Mountain Coffee, Tastee Cheese, Jamaican Sugar, Jamaican Beach Towels, Jamaican Bandanna Outfits, Jamaican Jewelry, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jamaican Semi-Precious Gemstones & natural materials and even more.

Jamaica is a major exporter of bauxite used for aluminium production. Other exports include ethanol, cane sugar, alcoholic beverages, coffee, scrap metal, cyclic compounds and manioc. Jamaica’s main exports partner is the United States (42 percent of total exports). Other exports partners include Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Germany, Iceland and Norway.

Export Portal will bring a little bit of Jamaica right to your home, so browse, enjoy and shop safely. We are sure you will love these products, most of which are organic and natural and steeped in Jamaican traditions.


Jamaica Imports

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Purchasing on Export Portal is easy and secure. If you want to import products in Jamaica, search online for hundreds of thousands of export companies, browse through products catalogs or newly posted product offers. You can refine your search results by using the search bar tool to find the specific industry you are looking for or go even deeper by searching specific countries. This will help you to discover thousands of new products to import them easily in Jamaica.

Jamaica has natural resources, primarily bauxite, and an ideal climate conducive to agriculture and also tourism.  Jamaica's top imports are refined petroleum, crude petroleum, alcohol, cars and packaged medicaments. Its top import partners are the United States, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, China and Mexico.

Export Portal is your best online source to find products, meet new suppliers and make connections. Find quality products, manufacturers, exporters, suppliers here.  

Customs requirements of Jamaica

Jamaica Customs Contacts


Tel: +1 876-922-5140 

Address: Head Office – 15 Newport East, Kingston, Jamaica


Jamaica is an island country situated on the Island of Jamaica of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Its nearest neighboring countries are Cuba and the Hispaniola. Jamaica is the 4th largest island country in the Caribbean, by area. The country is a member of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP), Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom), International Monetary Fund, World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization and other international organizations.



Jamaica applies the CARICOM Common External Tariff along with other trading partners of the Caribbean Common Market. Products imported from countries which are not members of the CARICOM are subject to customs duties listed in the CET. Imports of CARICOM origin are not subject to import duties. Goods imported from CARICOM member states enjoy duty-free status and do not pay customs import duties. However they have to pay local taxes, General Consumption Tax and Special Consumption Tax.

Import duty rates in Jamaica vary between 0% and 70%, with an average tariff rate of 17.45%. Apart from import duties, imported goods are subject to a standard General Consumption Tax (GCT) of 16.5% (based on the CIF value of products), Special Consumption Tax (SCT) and Stamp Duty. 


Product certification and labeling

Goods imported into Jamaica should be labeled in English and labeling should include:

- the proper name of the product

- an accurate declaration of the contents

- an accurate description of the ingredients

- a date of minimum durability

- the name and business address of the processor/manufacturer/packer/importer/distributor

- the country of origin

Manufactured, expiry date and other date marks must conform to the traditional European "dd/mm/yy" or ISO's "yy/mm/dd" date formats.

Products such as milk powder, refined sugar, plants and parts of plants for perfume or pharmaceutical purposes, gum-resins, vegetable saps and extracts, certain chemicals, motor vehicles and parts, arms and ammunition, certain toys (water pistols and gaming machines) require an import license.

Certain products may also require a sanitary or phytosanitary certificate.


Documents for import

- Shipping documents such as a Bill of Lading or Airway Bill

- A proper invoice from the supplier

- Import permits or licences

- A Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) and a copy of a General Consumption Tax (GCT) Certificate

- An original copy of the Certificate of Origin if the goods are being imported from a country with which Jamaica has a Trade Agreement, and for which preferential duty treatment is being claimed