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Tokelau Exports

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Tokelau is an island country in the southern Pacific Ocean that consists of three tropical coral atolls. The island started to create its own economy in 1976, focusing on establishing strong trade partnerships   on the international level. 

Tokelau is the first 100% solar powered nation in the world. Production of the solar batteries is the main occupation area of the local manufacturers. The country ownes three solar power station, based on withstand winds due to the convinient geographical possition.

The shortage of natural resources has been the major factor encouraging migration. Due to the fact that the island is the combiation of hills, rocks and valleys, the country has the large reserves of construction and building materials for the international export. Some of them are: ceramic materials, building stones, wood and wood building items, cement and cement products, roofing materials, plumbing supplies and many others. 

The state pays a great attention to the medical quality and that is why the main aim of the government is to attract international funds for production of medical equipment. The Tokelau’s medical producers export big volumes of home medical equipment as well as dental equipment for international use.

Fishing plays a very important role in the country’s economy. The ocean is the biggest source of fresh seafood which is demanded in the neighbor countries. Tokelau exports fresh fish, frozen fish, lobsters, caviar, squid as well as coral calcium for international drugstores.

The top export destinations of Tokelau are France, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand and Spain.

Tokelau Imports

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Tokelau is considered to be the developing islands with great international trade potential. The country has established strong trade connections, motivating local businesses to import various types of products. Thailand is the third largest trading partner after Malaysia and the France

The humid climate of the country does not allow to grow a large number of agricultural products. The soil is negatively influenced by the excess of rockiness. In such a way, the country is forced to import the large quantities of food products, such as: fruits, vegetables, corn, coffee and tea, sugarcane, tobacco and tobacco substitutes, cotton, peanuts, rice, pigs, cattle, poultry

In order to establish a well structured road and transport infrastructure, Tokelau imports cars, trucks, SUVs as well as machinery and mechanical appliances to facilitate the daily activity.

The location of Tokelau places it near beautiful rivers, which provides a valuable means of transportation but also needed water for the agricultural industry. In such a way, the country imports small boats, such as canoes and kayaks, rigid inflatable boats, water towers and water mills.

The top import origins are France, Sweden, the United States, Italy and Mauritania.

Customs requirements of Tokelau

Government of Tokelau

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Address: Tokelau Apia Liaison Office, P O Box 3298, Apia, Samoa 

Phone: +685 20822 

Tokelau is a non-self-governing territory of New Zealand consisting of three coral atolls in the South Pacific: Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo. These atolls lie approximately mid-way between Hawaii and New Zealand and about 500 km north of Samoa. The principal sources of revenue come from sales of copra, postage stamps, souvenir coins, and handicrafts.

The Customs regulations are monitored by the Government of Tokelau, influenced by the New Zealand Customs Office. 



- Import Declaration (prepared and signed by a customs broker);

- Commercial Invoice (original plus four copies to be presented in English);

- Airway Bill;

- Bill of Lading (to be presented in triplicate);

- Commercial license number;

- Phytosanitary Certificate;

- Certificate of Free Sale (if required);

- Certificate of Origin (in the case of application for duty free treatment);

- The client code;

- The name of the craft of vessel in which your goods will leave Tokelau;

- Free on board (FOB) value of the goods you are exporting;

- Export Permit (Goods for commercial purposes, historical artifacts). 



Before importing of exporting different kinds of products, the seller has to present the labeling declaration with a number of requirenments, such as: 

1) All the information about the product has to be printed on a label securely affixed to the package or printed on the package itself;

2) All lables on the package have to be printed only in English;

3) All the products with only one sttandard EU or the USA label are not allowed to pe placed on the market;

4) All products with false, misleading or deceprive representation are not allowed to be placed on the market;

5) The content on the label has to be clear, prominent, indelible, and readily legible by the consumer.