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Year 2018 - 2019
Price $5 - $15
Clocks and Watches

Looking for a new, pre-owned or antique clock or watch? Visit to find what are you searching for. Export Portal features new, antique, luxury, estate and vintage watches, the latest designer watches for men and woman as well as clocks. At Export Portal you can filter your search for watches and clocks by brand name, price, condition, model number and place of origin.

Watches are perfect as presents for loved ones or for yourself. Give the gift of quality time with women's and men's watches and choose from a huge selection from different designs and styles of watches including stainless steel, chronograph and leather. If you would like your kids to learn the basics of punctuality at an early age, what better way than to gift them a watch? We have kid's watches in bright colors and sprightly patterns that appeal to both girls and boys, with the cartoonish sketches on the dials.

At Export Portal we also have the clocks you may need for your office and home to suit your decor including contemporary metal, affordable plastic and classic wood styles. We stock our shelves with practical desk clocks, digital and radio clocks, elegant wall clocks, tabletop clocks, decorative cuckoo clocks as well as timers.

Make sure you are always on time with watches and clocks from Export Portal