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Year 2018 - 2019
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Export from Latvia


"Export in Latvia" is one of Export Portal's Departments for the Latvian manufacturers and sellers who are willing to distribute their products outside the Latvian territory. The portal also represents one the best sources for international buyers to look for goods made in Latvia and to establish contacts with Latvian Exporters.

Latvia is a small country in north eastern Europe without a strong industry and major natural resources. But the country has a lot to offer the world, thanks to Latvia's talented people and the nation's rich history. Latvian craft products including unique and absolutely unforgettable Latvian knitwear, Latvian costume jewelry, Latvian jewelry, Latvian leather goods, Latvian engraving and Latvian fabrics represent striking and beautiful works of art. They are ecological, beautiful and functional. For instance, Latvian hand made jewelry and household production is a highly prevalent, thus ensuring high quality at relatively low pricing. On discover also food products, wood and wood products, machinery and equipment and metals.

Our online export/import portal invites you to export the above listed products and many others from Latvian manufacturers and craftsmen in any country in the world. You do not need to travel to Latvia to buy beautiful jewelry and accessories, apparel articles from the famous Latvian fashion designers, delicious food products and snacks made in Latvia, toys for children, beauty and eco products or interior design products. Latvian manufacturers and exporters on offer a broad range of products, and among all the great Latvian-made catalog lists you will definitely find something for yourself or your business.  


Import to Latvia


Export Portal is the leading global trade portal, which helps businesses around the world with the opportunity to expand beyond their own borders. Our greatest commitment is to assist exporters, manufacturers and companies planning to export and to provide international buyers with information about numerous products and services. If you are interested in importing in Latvia, find hundreds of thousands of products for sale on – right at your fingertips.

Being a country of abundant timber resources, Latvian trade is dominated by wood and wood products. However, Latvia also excels in other products including dairy products, chocolates, locomotives and tram cars. Its favorable location makes Latvia the center stage for international trade. Regarding Latvia's imports, the nation's main commodities include vehicles, chemicals, fuels and machinery & equipment.

Export Portal makes the process of importing products in Latvia or any other country around the world safe and easy. You are just clicks away from the information you can use to explore new markets, locate new suppliers and manufacturers, arrange business transactions, buy products online and more. In addition to this, Export Portal's verification process of sellers and manufacturers allows Latvian importers conduct international business with reliable global suppliers at the reduced business risk. No matter what product you are interested in, Export Portal has got it. Check our numerous consumer product categories available on the site and we will arrange its safe shipping in Latvia.


Hair Care

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If you are sensitive or allergic, we recommend you to browse for hypoallergenic hair products, ayurvedic hair care and unscented hair products, herbal hair care supplies that are designed specially for gentle use and the the best results. 

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Customs requirements of Latvia

Latvia Customs Contact Information



Address: Talents iela 1, Rīga, LV-1978 Tālrunis 67122689 

Telephone: +371 80009070 / +371 6700 1898


Latvia is a country rich in timber resources, therefore trade is dominated by lumber. But it's not all the country has to offer for export, as it also produces chocolates, telecommunication products, locomotives, tram cars and dairy products.

Latvia's lucky geographical position is perfectly suited for global trade and it deals with the following countries: Lithuania, Russia, Estonia and Germany. 


In accordance with the EU principles of free movement of goods and the European Trade and Customs Union, Latvian economic operators benefit from preferential trade procedures with other EU Member States. Customs borders between member states of EU are replaced by random customs control by mobile customs control units. Goods purchased from within the EU are not subject to customs declarations and VAT payment at the border. Supplies of goods between member states are not treated as import or export, but as free circulation. According to the Community Customs Code, community goods are:

  • goods fully produced in the EU, without any raw materials from third countries
  • goods imported from third countries which have been released for free circulation in the EU customs zone
  • goods produced in the EU customs zone from the above goods.


Customs duty is applied to goods imported from or exported to third countries. Upon the release of goods for free circulation in the EU customs area, Common External Tariffs are applied, meaning that the same duty is applied for import into any EU Member State. The amount of import duty applied depends on the classification and origin of the goods and is stipulated in EU legislation. VAT and other taxes, if applicable, are applied to imported goods only in the country where the goods are released for consumption.

The origin of goods may be preferential or non-preferential. Goods of preferential origin can apply for lowered or zero customs duty. The EU has concluded agreements granting preferential treatment to goods traded with the countries of the European Economic Area, Mediterranean and African countries, the western Balkans and others.

Importers of goods can acquire EU tariff quotas permitting importers to import certain amount of goods in certain periods of time for lowered or zero customs duty. Importers can obtain tariff quotas applicable to specific goods or specific goods from a specific country.


Other contacts:

Export control policy and legislation

Ms Agnese Kalnina, Head of Strategic Goods Export Control Division

Phone: +371 6701 6426

Fax: +371 6728 4836



Expertise of goods

Nauris Rumpe, Senior Desk Officer - Expert

Phone: +371 6701 6430

Fax: +371 6728 4836