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Year 2018 - 2018
Price $110 - $110
Live Animals

Buying Cattle is an important part of raising cattle and adding money to your business. Export Portal Live Animals Department is an online market for sellers and buyers of any type of livestock.

The portal features a wide range of pigs, cows, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits and hares, turkeys, bees and fish for sale. An increasing number of the American, Australian, German, South African, Argentinian or Italian farmers and companies are daily advertising their livestock with Export Portal.

To help you make a more informed purchasing decision, you can refine your livestock search by age of the animals, breed and sex. Check also detailed live animal seller ratings as well as seller reviews written by buyers and customers. We also collaborate with hundreds of trusted international shipping companies that arrange transport of all kinds of animals and birds to any country in the world.

Export Portal is your one stop destination for all your shopping needs.