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Medical Equipment

Export Portal brings to you all the products to keep you healthy as we know that health is wealth. Buy or sell medical supplies and medical equipment online from the comfort of your home on our site.

Select from dental supplies, home medical tools and general medical equipment! Browse through diabetic care equipment, heart and blood preassure monitor, massagers, walkers, crepe bandages, ankle braces, motherhood related medicines and equipment as well as daily health care needs. From heart rate monitor, wrist BPM, pedometer, oximeter to herbal products for diabetic patients, foot care, diabetic shoes and socks, lancets, weighing scales, we stock endless health check-up devices for your health. Check a variety of top brands including Bene Care, Heuer, AirCast or Dr. Scholls's.

Find body heating products and body massagers which can help you relieve pain or back support braces such as comfort pillows, half and full backrests or sacral belts from Futuro, Bremed or JSB.

Export Portal also stocks arm supports like slings or immobilisers, shoulder straps and finger supports or thumb splints. There are also many products for waist and abdomen such as post maternity corsets, abdominal corsets or post surgical corsets which you can purchase online.

To make life easier for the elderly, browse online to find mobility aids including walkers, walking sticks or wheelchairs. Shop online for glucometers, pedometers and more from Omron, Dr. Morepen, Equinox.

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