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Year 2019 - 2019
Price $25 - $147
Natural and Cultured Stones

Precious stones and semi-precious gemstones are adored by both jewelry enthusiasts and mineral collectors. Many of them have been discovered and brought to strong consumer popularity in the last century, due to improvements in mining technology. Other gemstones have been already used by people for thousands of years and continue to play a vital role in modern society. Buyers who would like to purchase natural and cultured stones will find thousands of specimens offered by trusted sellers and manufacturers on Export Portal.

Here is a list of some semi-precious gemstones that can be found on Export Portal.

TANZANITE: A top-rated bestseller, tanzanite is known as the fashion gemstone of the century.

EMERALD: Emeralds are really fascinating gemstones. They have the most intense, the most beautiful and most radiant green that can possibly be imagined: emerald green.

AMETHYST: Amethyst is one of the most popular of the semi precious stones. It occurs in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. Purple: the color of royalty & 2014's color of the year.

CHROME DIOPSIDE: Chrome diopside unquestionably won't win any contests for the most beautiful name. To many people, it sounds more like a car polish than a gemstone. But don't be misled by that! Chrome diopside is distinguished by a beautiful rich green color and fantastically low price. As a matter of fact chrome diopside is the most affordable gemstone in a pure rich green.

OPAL: Opal, being the national gemstone of Australia, is distinguished by brilliant ranges of rainbow-like colors that sparkle from every angle. More than any other gemstone, each opal is unique. No other stone has as rich and varied a folklore.

SAPPHIRE: Sapphire, second only to diamond, is one of the most wearable of all gemstones. 

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