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If you are looking for on-trend swimwear, women's swimwear, men's swimwear, kid's swimwear for summer lounging at the beach, Export Portal offers you an incredible range of trends, styles, fits and brands.

Women's Swimwear

Export Portal's collection of swimwear for women offers everything you need from tankinis and bikinis to board shorts, one-pieces, cover-ups, rash guards, and even more. Our versatile styles include striking monokinis, colorful halter bikini tops, hipster bottoms with prints like pastel hues, retro designs, nautical, stripes and floral patterns. If you have a favorite style and brand, our filters will help you find your perfect women's swimwear. Or if you are in search of contemporary, relaxed, surf or juniors, explore designs from sporty brands like Roxy, Speedo, TYR, Volcom, O'Neill and more. Trusted swimwear manufacturers, suppliers and exporters use Exportportal.com to offer you high-quality swimming, water polo, beach, fashion, and surf products in the US and in all the countries around the world.

With women's swimwear from Export Portal, you will be ready to hit the water in a style designed your warm-weather and vacation needs.

Men's Swimwear

Dive in with the right men's swimwear this season. Whether you are taking on the surf or swimming laps, explore Export Portal men's swimwear crafted for performance. Get the sleek look and feel of men's jammers, men's square leg swimsuits and swim briefs, or relax poolside in swim trunks or swim shorts. At the pool or on the beach, men's board shorts and trunks will offer you a relaxed fit – ideal for the surf, boardwalk or sand. Athletes looking to maximize speed in the water usually opt for the friction-reducing features of a streamlined pair of briefs, jammers or men's square leg swimwear. Check also Export Portal's men's water apparel designed for aquatic fitness and water polo.

Shop top men's swimwear brands you will love from Under Armour, QuikSilver, Crocs, Speedo and many others supplied by verified suppliers and sellers.


Shop with confidence with Export Portal. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!