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Can Export Portal handle the big, industrial orders of materials or machineries?

Yes. All of our registered shippers and freight forwarders have to fill out a form stating their maximum container capacities. So, there certainly will be shipping experts that can ship the items you are selling. You will find the perfect shipper that will fit your big, industrial orders.

I am new in the export and import business. How can Export Portal help me understand the industry better?

Please visit our security, about us, and library page. They will contain all the information you need to get in to the export and import industry. You can also contact us directly by Export Portal’s phone number +1 (818) 691-0079 or email, and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

You can also visit our business partner’s website There you will find information including: international business laws, financial background of countries, and educational materials to help you have a better understanding of the export and import industry. 

Who takes care of the paperwork for each international trade transaction?

The buyer and seller will have to complete all the paperwork themselves. However, Export Portal will provide 100% customer support and provide important information when it comes to customs. For additional information, you can refer to our legal service and library

Does Export Portal have legal assistance?

We work alongside a network of legal professionals in multiple countries to ensure each transaction is in complete compliance with the countries’ business and customs regulations. 

How does Export Portal stay in compliance with changes in the law?

Our network of legal professionals is constantly monitoring the changes within international law. Once a law has been finalized and in effect, our legal professionals will then update our policy along with our terms and agreement.

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