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What is a Certified Seller?

A Certified Seller is an upgraded seller status. To upgrade, the registered seller needs to meet the following conditions:                                                                                     

- To provide the following documents:

  • Business License
  • Passport or ID
  • Tax ID
  • Bank Account Statement                                                                                   

- To pay the upgrade bill: 50 USD per month or 550 USD per year.

By becoming a Certified Seller, you get more buyers, can sell more products, gain more exposure, and receive a free EXIMA membership. You can also share all your products among all Export Portal partner sites around the world.

Does Export Portal ship internationally?

Yes! We work with top-notch businesses when it comes to international transits. Registered freight forwarders are standing by to offer you competitive prices to ship merchandise, so you can be certain that you are getting the best service for the best price.

How does Export Portal ensure sellers are paid and buyers receive the product?

After buyer completes the transaction and pays the total invoice, the money will be held in escrow.
The seller will then receive a payment confirmation and the product will be inspected and shipped.
The buyer will receive tracking number and documents from the shipper once the product is shipped.
When the buyer receives the product, the seller will get paid.

Can Export Portal handle the big, industrial orders of materials or machineries?

Yes. All of our registered freight forwarders have to fill out a form stating their maximum container capacities. You will be able to find the perfect freight forwarder to ship your big, industrial orders.

I am new in the import/export business. How can Export Portal help me understand the industry better?

Please visit our security, about us, and library page. They contain all the information you need to get in to the import/export industry.

You can also contact us directly by Export Portal’s phone number +1 (818) 691-0079 or email, and we will be happy to answer any additional questions.

You can also visit our business partner’s website There you will find information including: international business laws, financial background of countries, and educational materials to help you have a better understanding of the export and import industry.

Does Export Portal have legal assistance?

Yes. We work alongside a network of legal professionals in multiple countries to ensure each transaction is in complete compliance with the countries’ business and customs regulations. For additional information, you can refer to our legal service and library pages.

What is Export Portal's mission?

Export Portal’s mission is to simplify business anywhere in the world. By being the hub of global business, we provide sellers the necessary space for their products to reach a wider audience. This helps buyers find products faster and more efficiently. To learn more, please visit our About section.

When was Export Portal founded?

Export Portal was launched in 2011, though our team of founders spent five years developing the website from a simple idea. Learn more about our platform’s history here:

Where are Export Portal’s offices located?

Export Portal’s office is located in beautiful Glendale, California, though our goal is to open offices in major port cities around the world.

How do I learn about job openings at Export Portal?

To find out more about our open international job positions, please access the Export Portal’s official Linkedin page:

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