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General Standards

The government of Afghanistan is currently in the process of developing a national standards regime. At present, the country generally relies on international standards for its technical requirements, as it is a member of the Economic Cooperation Organization, Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, WTO and ISO (correspondent member). 

Standards organizations

The Afghan National Standards Authority (ANSA), under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, represents the country's main strandardization body. ANSA is responsible for the establishment, maintenance, dissemination and enforcement of national standards and technical regulations. The agency's primary goal is to develop essential national standards and to enhance technical infrastructure for testing. 

Other functions of the Afghan National Standards Authority include:

- serve Afghan stakeholders (government, industry and consumers) in the fields of standardization, conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology

- improve commercial interactions, build the technical infrastructure and capacity, develop human resources, and establish closer ties amongst relevant institutions

- encourage the private sector to participate in standardization, conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology activities to contribute to commercial interactions within the country

- enhance implementation of international standards as well as regional and national standards and their application in business and industry

- improve awareness of the role and to promote the benefits of standardization and conformity assessment, accreditation and metrology amongst government, the private sector and the general public.

ANSA operates in 13 fields: food and agricultural products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, construction materials, petroleum, oil and lubricants, electro-technical, textiles, metrology, environment. 

Conformity assessment and accreditation

ANSA also represents the accreditation and conformity assessment body of Afghanistan. It offers laboratory and research services, certification, training, licenses, copies of documents related to conformity assessment and technical regulations.

Product certification and labeling

All imported products must submit a customs declaration accompanied by a commercial invoice, certificate of origin and common shipping documents. Transit permission is required for shipments transiting through Pakistan. Certain products require specific certification, thus armored vehicles require Ministry of Interior (MoI) certification; communication equipment requires the approval of the Ministry of Communications (MoC); and medicines require Ministry of Public Health certification.

Afghanistan currently has no laws or regulations governing labeling and marketing requirements for products.


Afghanistan National Standards Authority (ANSA)



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