International Standards

General Standards

At present Angola does not have a fully developed national standards system, but there is an increased focus in this area to support the government’s efforts to build domestic production capacity and promote exports. Angola is not a full member of the International Standards Organization, but it has been a corresponding member since 2002.

Standards organizations

The Angolan Institute for Standardization and Quality (IANORQ) within the Ministry of Industry is responsible for the establishment and implementation of standards. 

Conformity Assessment

Angola does not have a national accreditation body. The country is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), however it is not a member of SADC’s Accreditation System (SADCAS) that provides regional accreditation support.

Angola is an affiliate country of the International Electrotechnical Commission that publishes consensus-based International Standards and manages conformity assessment systems for electric and electronic products, systems and services. 

Product Certification

ISO and CE markings are usually found on products sold in Angola, as a result of the presence of products distributed through Portugal. ISO and CE markings are not required in Angola, but they give consumers a sense of confidence in product quality.

Angola is a member of the WHO/FAO Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards and uses these standards to enforce food safety. The Angolan Government does not yet require laboratories to be accredited. The Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Industry are currently working to develop accreditation standards.


Angolan Institute of Standardization and Quality (IANORQ)/Ministry of Industry


Address: Rua Cerqueira Lukoki 25, C.P. 594, Luanda, Angola

Tel. 244 222 337294 

Fax. 244 222 392400

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