International Standards

General Standards

The only organization responsible for developing standards in Chile is the National Standards Institute, or Instituto Nacional de Normalización (INN). The agency's primary objectives in the development of standards correspond to Chile’s primary export sectors (including copper, forestry and agricultural products)

Conformity Assessment

The most important national testing organizations in Chile are grouped under the following categories:

- Testing laboratories

- System quality auditors

- Inspection organizations

- Product certification

- Calibration laboratories

- Quality Management Systems

- Environmental Management Systems

Some of the primary accredited organizations are the following:

CESMEC Ltda. (División Certificación /ISO9000) - Calibrating and testing laboratory:Construction/Food/Microbiology/Water


DICTUC S.A. (Chile) - Testing laboratory: Chemistry/Microbiology/Concrete


SGS-Chile Ltda. - Inspection/Verification/Testing Laboratory/Certification


A detailed list of accredited testing bodies can be found at: DIRECTORIO DE ACREDITADOS 

Product Certification

Product certification standards are not compulsory in most sectors. However, in most cases companies voluntarily comply with them. Imported products such as those related to industrial safety, gas and electricity industries, as well as construction materials must comply with specific requirements.

It should be mentioned that the National Standards Institute promotes ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 standards among local manufacturers.


A detailed list of accredited testing organizations can be found at DIRECTORIO DE ACREDITADOS.



National Standards Institute (INN)

Head: Claudia Cerda



Phone: +56-2-2445-8870

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