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Hungary is a member of the European Union and as a result complies with all EU standards and technical regulations. The Magyar Szabvanyügyi Testület (MSZT) represents Hungary's national standardization body. 

The MSZT is responsible for the: 

- development of national standards, their approval and publication

- participation in the work of the international and European standards organizations

- preparation of guidance and advice in national standardization issues

- determination of the use of the national standards mark as well as implementation and management of the rules for the application of international and European marks related to standardization

- development and management of a certification system to assess conformity of products and services to national standards

- establishment of a system for the certification of quality assurance systems against standards

- provisioning of information and dissemination of knowledge related to standardization and certification

- technical documentation and other services.

MSZT represents Hungary in the following international and EU standards organizations:

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)

European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI)

Conformity Assessment    

Conformity Assessment is an obligatory step to prove compliance with EU standards. This procedure is necessary to ensure compliance during all stages (from design to production) and facilitate acceptance of the products. EU legislation gives manufacturers a choice regarding conformity assessment. They can choose between self-certification, type examination and production quality control, as well as full quality assurance system. 

Product Certification     

To sell products on the European market exporters are required to apply CE marking on products covered by specific legislation. Products that have a CE mark will be allowed to circulate freely within the European Union. The CE marking addresses itself primarily to the national control authorities of the member states, and its use simplifies the task of essential market surveillance of regulated products.  

The CE marking is not intended to include detailed technical information on the product, but there must be enough information to enable the inspector to trace the product back to the manufacturer or the local contact established in the EU. This detailed information should not appear next to the CE marking, but rather on the declaration of conformity.


The National Accreditation Body of Hungary (NAH) is as full member of the European Accreditation member since 1 April 2016.

NAH can perform the accreditation of the following organizations in the National Accreditation Scheme:

- testing laboratories

- sampling organisations

- calibration laboratories

- proficiency test providers

- product certification bodies

- management systems certification bodies

- persons certification bodies

- inspection bodies with the exception of authorities

- reference materials producers

- eco-management and audit scheme verifier organisations or natural persons

- verifier organisations according to the Act on participation in the greenhouse gas emissions community scheme and effort sharing decision

Accreditation is voluntary and open to all organisations and natural persons who perform their activities impartially and competently and fulfil the requirements of professionalism.

Accreditation is based on the Standard series MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17000, the guides issued by the international and European accreditation organisations, and the profession specific requirements issued by NAH. 

Labeling and Marking     

Hungary has strict labeling requirements for specific product groups. The primary requirement for consumer goods is that the product information must be in Hungarian. This can also be a sticker placed on the existing packaging.

The following information must be available in Hungarian on the label of foods:

- product type (trademarks, brand names or fanciful names may not substitute the generic/product name, but may be used in addition to the product name)

- list of ingredients must show all ingredients (including additives) in descending order of weight as recorded at the time of their production and designated by their specific name

- net quantity in metric units

- date of minimum durability – not required for wine and beverages containing more than 10% alcohol by volume

- special conditions for storage or use (if applicable)

- name or business name and address of the manufacturer, packager or importer established in the European Union

- country of origin or provenance (if outside the EU)

- alcohol content for beverages containing more than 1.2% by volume

- lot identification with the marking preceded by the letter "L".

The following information must appear in Hungarian on the label of cosmetics:

- name or business name and address of the manufacturer, packager or importer established in the European Union

- country of origin or provenance (if outside the EU)

- name and intended function of the product, except when it is evident from the appearance and instructions for use, when it is reasonable

- nominal content valid at the time of packing, according to mass or volume

- shortest time of preserving its quality, e.g.: best before year/month

- prescription of storage conditions, important from the point of view of quality, maintenance

- precautions required in the case of consumer or professional use

- enumeration of all components. Specific references to technical (e.g. electric) certificates issued by Hungarian authorities must be attached to the individual packing.


Hungarian Standards Institution (Magyar Szabvanyügyi Testület, MSZT)



Address: Budapest, Horváth Mihály tér 1. H-1082

Tel: +361456-6928

Fax: +361456-6940

The National Accreditation Body of Hungary (NAH)



Address: 82 Tétényi, 1119 Budapest

Tel: +36 (1) 550-1007

Fax: +36 (1) 204-5075

CEN – European Committee for Standardization


Address: Avenue Marnix 17, B – 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: 32.2.550.08.11

Fax: 32.2.550.08.19

CENELEC – European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization


Address: Avenue Marnix 17, B – 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: 32.2.519.68.71

Fax: 32.2.519.69.19

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