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The Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO) is the main standardization body of the country. The SSMO includes 15 main laboratories and additional labs established at the SSMO most important branches, such as the Port Sudan Branch. 

SSMO is a member of the following national and international standards organizations:

- International standards organization

- International Institute for Cereal Science and Technology

- International Organization for legal metrology (OIML)

- Codex Alimentarius Commission

- African Regional Organization for Standardization (ARSO)

- Arab Standards and Metrology Organization (ASMO)

- Arab Industrial and Mining Organization (AIDMO)

- Islamic Institute for Standardization, the (ICC),

- African Electro-technical Standardization Commission (AFSEC)

SSMO has also signed several bilateral agreements with:

- Kenyan Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

- Korean Agency for Standardization (KATS)

- Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM)

- Syrian Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology (SASMO)

- Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality (EOS)

- Saudi Arabia Standards Organization, the Syrian Standards Organization (SASO)

- Emirates Authority for Standardization (ESMA)

- Turkish National Center for Standardization (TSE)

- Lybian National Center for Standardization (LNCSM)

- General Administration for Chinese Standards (SAC)

- Uganda National Center for Standardization (UNBS)

- Tunis National Istitute for Standardization (INORPI)

Conformity assessment

Cotecna is responsible for the inspection, testing and verification of the products imported into Sudan, under Article 5 of the Constitutional Law of the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization. Cotecna’s main function is to verify the compliance of goods with the relevant SSMO standards or other international standards recognized by the country. Based on this verification, Cotecna issues an Inspection Certificate (IC). 

Cotecna provides Verification of Conformity services to help exporters comply with the SSMO program. Cotecna's services include: documentary verification, laboratory testing in the exporting country and physical cargo inspection in the exporting country. 

Goods regulated under the SSMO program include the following products (the list is not exhaustive):

- Food

- Chemical products

- Construction materials

- Vehicles and vehicles parts

- Textiles

- Toys

- Electric and electronic products


Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO)



Address: P.O. Box 13573, SD-Khartoum

Tel: +249 183 777480

Fax: +249 183 774852


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