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Export Portal is a one time stop for easy and secure worldwide trade

Sell your products all over the globe by following these simple steps


Planning on expanding your market and customer base globally or are you an existing exporter looking for more exposure and increased sales?


Export Portal provides verified clients with internationally registered legal companies.


Upload your listing. Choose a method of selling that you prefer.


Global transactions can be difficult. Export Portal assists you through each step from purchasing your products to custom clearance and delivery.


Select a shipping company from our list of certified international shippers and freight forwarders.


Advertise your products, receive orders from global buyers.


Secured transactions. Your money will be in escrow until product is delivered.


Receive full payment, when buyer’s package is delivered.

Start your online sales

Successful stories

Great opportunity!

by Jennifer flag

buying Great opportunity!

I really like the possibility to find sellers from all over the world. Buying is easy and safe!

Easy to do business!

by Stephen flag

buying Easy to do business!

I really appreciate when people regard your time and efforts. Here on Export Portal I found what I need. It is easy to sell. I found customers in another part of the world and there was no problem on shipping and making deal. Thanks a lot for help with my business!

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