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How do I change the email address on my Export Portal account?

To change your email address please follow these steps: Log in → Open “Quick Menu” → “Email and password” → “New email”

Can one user have 2 accounts, one as a buyer and another one as a seller?

Yes, we allow the same user to register multiple accounts of different type, but you will have to provide all the required documentation for each. Please use different emails for this purpose.

How do I contact sellers?

There are several methods to contact sellers on our international B2B platform:

  1. Email Find the seller’s email address in their Company Page details
  2. Personal message Go to the seller’s account and check the button "More actions on seller" → "Contact Seller'
  3. Chat Go to the seller’s account and check the button "More actions on seller" → "Chat with seller"

How do I add a product to favorites?

In every product page, there is an “Add to Favorites” button. Please click on it in order to add to "My Favorites".

How do I make a product comparison?

To compare products is very simple. Find a products you want to compare and click 'Compare'.

How do I add items in bulk?

In order to add items in bulk, there is an option on the quick menu. You have to open your profile and to find a button “Bulk upload Draft items” just under the “Items” button. Click on the button and add your products.

How do I upgrade to a certified account?

In your account there is an option “Upgrade”. Please log into your account and go to your “Quick menu”. There you will find the “Upgrade” button. Please click on it in order to become a Certified Seller/Manufacturer.

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