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How does Export Portal make sure that a seller owns a legal business?

It is mandatory for all the sellers who register on our platform to provide their “Business License”. This document allows individuals or companies to conduct fair business. Our onboarding managers are carefully verifying the submitted documents to make sure each company is legally registered with the appropriate state or county regulators.

We analyze such information as the Company registration number, type of company, date of incorporation, and of course the company’s current status. Your information is used only for verification purposes and is not shared, sold, or distributed by Export Portal, their subsidiaries, or any other associated companies for any other purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

How does Export Portal ensure the security of International trade transactions?

Efforts have been made to ensure transactions are as safe and secure as possible, which includes safeguards for the parties involved. By requiring Buyers to pay upfront and verifying the Seller’s shipment, we ensure parties are equally protected. If complications arise on either front, we will work with both parties to find an agreeable solution. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

How can Export Portal guarantee the products sold on its website have standard quality control?

Users on Export Portal can request their own product inspection report. These reports will be written by an inspection agency verified by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies. The reports will be given to the user before any further business transaction is performed. Inspection agencies are searchable on Export Portal’s website by country of business, services offered, and pricing.

What sort of security does Export Portal offer?

Export Portal offers a variety of security services and procedures in order to protect our members. First and foremost, by uniting all parties and their information on one platform, we limit outside interference and therefore cut down on the majority of potential errors that threaten more complicated deals.

Through the use of our proprietary blockchain technology, we are capable of preventing illegally distributed data, falsified information, fraudulent practices or accounts, as well as general loss and theft that other global trade hubs cannot correct.

In addition to offering increased accountability and transparency, our partnerships with accreditation institutions across the globe ensure that only verified professionals gain access to our protected ecosystem, and that all payments and transfers are protected for your peace of mind.

Learn more about the protections we have in place here:

How does Export Portal ensure submitted documents are secure?

With so many technical documents required in the registration and verification process, Export Portal understands your apprehension. However, we need to be thorough in order to ensure that only legitimate professionals join our network and receive its benefits.

Our legal team takes utmost care when handling these sensitive documents, checking them through the relevant government databases of the country in which the business claims to be based.

This process is solely for the purpose of account verification. Your information is not shared, sold, or distributed by Export Portal, their subsidiaries, or any other associated companies for any other purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

How does Export Portal secure every step of a transaction cycle?

We use disruptive blockchain technology to secure each step of transaction. Data in a blockchain is tamperproof securing all buyers and sellers transactions. All the encrypted information is updated at every step for all parties. This cuts down on intermediaries, speeding up communication and transaction details, decreasing delivery time, and increasing the level of security.

What documents does Export Portal request from each type of user?

Here is the list of documents required for each type of user.

  • For Buyers: Passport or government-issued ID.
  • For Seller: Passport or government-issued ID and Business License.
  • For Manufacturer: Tax ID Number, Passport or government-issued ID, and Business License, Export/Import permit.
  • For Freight Forwarders: Insurance Certificate, Tax ID Number, Passport or government-issued ID, Business license.

There are some additional documents users are asked to upload in some specific situations as well as for upgrading accounts.

How long does Export Portal keep my documentation?

After you pass the verification step, all your documents are deleted from our database. We need your documents only to be sure our users are dealing with legal and real persons/businesses. Your information is not shared, sold, or distributed by Export Portal, their subsidiaries, or any other associated companies for any other purposes.

How does Export Portal make sure the companies which were approved earlier are still legally active?

Export Portal works with reliable Business Registries in order to be sure all the companies registered on our platforms hold a fair business. We also check the social media activity of the potential users. Export Portal ensures you that all companies you are going to work with are legal and active.

How does Export Portal help its users with customs procedures?

Customs procedures differ from country to country, but Export Portal helps its users streamline what can be a difficult process. Not only does our EPDocs system make it easy for you to have all your documents together, but our experts and education system give you the opportunity to know what you need ahead of time. This means fewer costly delays at the customs warehouse and buyers get their product faster.

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