Trade news

CEO Ally Spinu Provides Resources and Tips to mSMEs to Weather the COVID-19 Storm

8 May, 2020

CEO Ally Spinu Presenting Her White Paper on Blockchain Technology at the International Conference on International Trade and Economy (ICITE)

5 Feb, 2020

With the beta launch of its highly anticipated B2B international trade hub, Export Portal is welcoming trade professionals from the EU and Russia to their expert panel, EP+, as Country Ambassadors.

15 Oct, 2019

With its highly anticipated B2B global trade hub going into a beta launch phase, Export Portal is inviting trade professionals from Nigeria to join their expert panel, EP+, as Country Ambassadors.

7 Oct, 2019

Export Portal is inviting international trade professionals from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia to join their expert panel, EP+, as Country Ambassadors.

30 Sep, 2019

International B2B Trade Hub Offers Experts Ability to Network, Share Their Voice, and Influence Change with Country Ambassador Role in India

17 Sep, 2019

Session on Facilitating Trade for Agriculture, SMEs, and Women to Highlight the Importance of Sustainable Development Goals in India

12 Sep, 2019

With the announcement in February 2019 that a major eCommerce platform is only now addressing their third-party counterfeit problems via a regulatory filing, CEO of Export Portal Ms. Ally Spinu will be speaking at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) event.

28 Mar, 2019

Export Portal, a blockchain enabled B2Be-Commerce ecosystem is making itself publicly available to investors in Malta, Dubai and Singapore to discuss a different type of investment: An opportunity that invests in the future of SME trade worldwide.

22 Jan, 2019

Big Tech Players are Not the only Blockchain Trade Solutions Providers

1 Oct, 2018