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Why do I need to submit documents, how does Export Portal ensure the documents are secure?

With so many technical documents required in the registration and verification process, Export Portal understands your apprehension. However, we need to be thorough in order to ensure that only legitimate professionals join our network and receive its benefits. Our legal team takes utmost care when handling these sensitive documents, checking them through the relevant government databases of the country in which the business claims to be based.

What are the guidelines for product images and descriptions?

Product images must be clear, preferably high resolution, photos of the products you are listing for sale. Likewise, descriptions must be accurate and informative accounts of the product. Export Portal forbids the inclusion of links or contact information within the images or descriptions. Review more user guidelines on our Terms and Conditions page:

What is the difference between being Verified and being Certified?

Verified sellers and manufacturers have had their submitted credentials authenticated by our team and are granted access to transact with other buyers, sellers, and shippers on our platform. In order to maintain a high level of professionalism on our global trade hub, all members must be verified before they can conduct any business.


Certified accounts pay a fee and submit additional documentation which, once authenticated, enables them access to a greater amount of services and benefits. These benefits include featuring their products on the Export Portal main page and social media accounts, as well as advanced portfolio options like itemized production capacity and company development/expansion planning, and Priority Pass, a feature which grants their orders and support requests higher precedent in the Export Portal pipeline.


Additionally, certified accounts receive an exclusive Export Portal asset package containing logos and badges to place on their account pages as well as their personal websites and social media. The badges will have a custom number unique to the certified account, allowing customers who see that number outside export portal to enter that number on our site and quickly locate the certified account it corresponds to.


Features like these increase browsers’ trust in certified accounts, attracting both wider customer bases as well as broader B2B partnership opportunities, which is perhaps the most important benefit of certification. Don’t let your business get left behind, apply for certification today!


For a comparison of documentation required for Verification and Certification, click here:


For a comparison of benefits offered for Verification and Certification, click here:

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