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How does the Country and Industry Ambassador program work?

Our Country and Industry Ambassador program recruits individuals with connections to agencies and government officials in their countries. These individuals use their connections to represent Export Portal and open more markets for our platform, bringing in small and medium enterprises from around the world who will then utilize the resources we offer to expand their businesses. In turn, our Country and Industry Ambassadors are compensated in a well-structured revenue-share model that allows candidates to showcase their ambition and desire to integrate a segment or an entire economy into the global marketplace. To learn more please visit the Country Ambassador and Industry Ambassador pages.

How may I apply to be your ambassador in my country?

To apply as a Country Ambassador, please visit the Country Ambassador page and sign up there

What is Export Portal doing to help the community?

In addition to offering an archive of blogs highlighting eCommerce solutions and developing trends, we also provide a wealth of beneficial services for members. Learn more about the features we offer here:

Who are Export Portal's customers?

Our customers, much like our partners, are small and medium businesses from around the world. Drawn by the transparency our proprietary blockchain technology enables for all transactions, many enterprises utilize our platform to connect with sellers and freight forwarders they otherwise wouldn’t come into contact with. Out network prides itself on facilitating B2B partnerships between international companies.

How do I contact your customer service team?

If you experience any issues, you can easily call or email our Customer Service team to assist you here:

How do I register?

Register your business on Export Portal here: Registration is quick and easy.

How long will it be before I receive an activation link for my buyer account?

After registering with Export Portal and submitting all the required documents, an activation link will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 business days.

Can I export/import with no license?

No, only business licensed professionals are allowed to join or transact on our platform.

I am not able to login to my account.

If you experience this issue, please call or email our support team to assist you here:

When is my account going to be usable?

Your account will be usable once it the verification process has been completed and your account is active.

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