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How can I report a problem with a seller or a buyer?

Buyers and sellers can securely communicate with each other on Export Portal. During the process, both parties can ask each other important questions, settle disputes, and other communication functions. If dispute persists after buyer and seller negotiations, Export Portal will mediate and find a common ground where both parties involved are satisfied.

How can Export Portal guarantee the products sold on its website have standard quality control?

Users on Export Portal can request their own product inspection report. These reports will be written by an inspection agency verified by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies. The reports will be given to the user before any further business transaction is performed. Inspection agencies are searchable on Export Portal’s website by country of business, services offered, and pricing. 

What are your fees?

These are the selling fees for Sellers and Manufacturers on Export Portal:

These are the fees for Shippers on Export Portal: 

What is Export Portal's mission?

Export Portal’s mission is to simplify business anywhere in the world. By being the hub of global business, we provide sellers the necessary space for their products to reach a wider audience. This helps buyers find products faster and more efficiently.

When was Export Portal founded?

Export Portal was launched in 2011, though our team of founders spent five years developing the website from a simple idea. Learn more about our platform’s history here:

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